a vision for a sustainable future

We at Lchang Nang Retreat want to offer our guests a unique experience that has a close connection to the environment.

The retreat is powered by a solar grid and plastic containers are kept to a minimum. Abundant replantation each spring, the use of local materials in low impact construction such as mud and rock walls OR willow and poplar roofs, garbage segregation and a careful use of fuel, are some of the green practices we have implemented.

Our attempt is to keep our carbon footprint to a bare minimum, while building our business on strictly sustainable principles.

Solar Energy

Solar panels and battery bank that generate 95% of our energy.

Minimal use of plastic.

No plastic containers for our organic soaps, shampoo and moisturizers.


Mud, willow, stone, and poplar used as the primary building materials.


Steps towards
sustainabale future

Sustainable and conscious luxury is the ethos of Lchang Nang Retreat- The House of Trees. We believe that nature has a lot to offer and we would like to express our gratitude by co-existing respecting the environment and the local community.
A few of our initiatives:
– We are proud to be one of the largest solar powered properties in Ladakh.
– We channelize the melting glacier water to irrigate our lands
– Our drinking water is fresh mineral rich glacial water which is good in PH value.
– We have our own farms and cattle and most of the produce used in our kitchens comes from our own farms.
– We have our own inhouse range of products which are made by locals from locally found ingredients thus encouraging local economy and talent.
– Our cottages are made using traditional local material and techniques which make them a practical and sustainable work of architecture.
At Lchang Nang, we strive to bring together local culture in a green and sustainable manner.


One with our Environment

A list of what we do to minimize our impact on the environment:

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