The treasures
of ladakh

Nubra once lay along the famous Silk Route. The merchants and their winding caravanserais, loaded with exotic bolts of silk, are long gone. Still gracing the land however, are ancient monasteries and fertile villages with handsome homes, set amidst groves of poplars and fields of barley, scattered along riverbeds where a handful of Bactrian camels graze. Orchards of apple and apricot trees dot the landscape. This timeless valley offers several opportunities for hiking to pristine lakes and feasting on stunning views.


An evening with wine/chang and cheese with a lovely setup and even more beautiful backdrop where you are surrounded by the three different mountain ranges.

Rs 10000+GST/ for two

An evening with wine/chang and cheese at the serene Sumur Dunes surrounded by the mountain ranges and the river confluence.

Rs 12000+GST/ for two

An evening with wine/chang and cheese with private romantic setup right behind your cottage, with a bonfire to keep you warm.

Rs 9000+GST/ for two


Enjoy an exclusively curated High-Tea experience in the privacy of our valley meadows surrounded by nothing other than the sounds of the river and the wild amidst the magnificent mountains of Ladakh.
Time: Late afternoon
Price: Rs 6000+GST/ for two
For more than two people: Rs 2500+GST/person
*Picnic includes tea/coffee/soft drinks of your choice and a picnic platter (sandwich, Kathi rolls, cookies, fruits, chocolates etc).

An easy to carry but yet sumptuous packed picnic lunch can be arranged for your day excursions.
-Rs 2500+GST/person
*It includes tea/coffee and sandwich/roll with mat and basket.


A community lunch table specially set up at our farms (Tsas-Spang), which starts off with a walk through the village, followed by a comprehensive tour of our farm explaining various facets of sustainable agriculture being followed by Ladakhi’s for ages. It concludes with a fabulous farm lunch with stunning views of the Karakoram range.
-RS 24000+GST(for four people)
(*Requires a minimum of four people)


One of the most romantic experiences for a couple set amidst nature, under our Siberian elms. A five-course degustation menu featuring local produce and the various different types of cheese of Ladakh. What makes it even more memorable is the mountain backdrop and the starry skies.
-RS 12000+GST(For two people)


You are on the world’s highest motorable road! What could be better than the sheer thrill of a mountain biking experience? Get adventurous and choose from our special need-for-speed biker offers that include meals, accommodation and mountain biking for one flat rate. Feel one with the wind and clouds!

-RS 2000+GST/person


Enjoy a movie under the spectacular starry skies of Nubra valley with popcorn and varieties of hot and cold beverages to make your movie experience complete.
-RS 1000+GST/person


Traditional Ladakhi houses are made from natural and locally sourced materials. It’s a vernacular architecture where the kitchen plays a pivotal role. Kitchens are built with windows facing southward’s to maximise sunlight during long winters. The old house (Zhimskhang) is reminiscent of the olden days. Their kitchen is primarily a museum which is maintained by a local women self-help group. Upon arrival, you will be welcome with a cup of butter tea and Ladakhi snacks by a beautiful lady in traditional attire.
-Tickets : 300+GST/person
(The amount goes to the old house owner)


The best way to explore the culture and the landscapes of any place is on foot. We at Lchang Nang have curated a few lovely guided walks around Kyagar.

Star gazing

Get mesmerised by the night skies of Ladakh. Nubra Valley is the perfect high altitude mountainous destination with zero pollution. You can explore the night skies from our own terrace or from the beautiful Sumur sand dunes.

-At Lchang Nang (complimentary)
-At Sumur sand dunes (chargeable)


It’s all about the warmth, the vibe and the bonding by the bonfire. While we have a community bonfire area which is open to all our guests, we also offer a bonfire behind every cottage for those seeking a more private experience.

-Community bonfire (complimentary)
-Private bonfire Rs 1500+GST


Occasionally we invite the local Ladakhi Traditional Dance group as well as singers for our guests to get a taste of the Ladakhi culture and vibe.

Group of minimum 15 people


A cup of tea makes everything better. Our Ladakhi tea station is a cosy traditional space created for our guests to enjoy a lovely cup of tea, coffee or sea buckthorn juice which they can brew themselves. The special infusion is made out of some wonderful local plants and herbs. And the best part is, it’s open 24/7.

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