We at Lchang Nang Retreat want to offer our guests a unique experience that has a close connection to the environment.

The retreat is powered by a solar grid and plastic containers are kept to a minimum. Abundant replantation each spring, the use of local materials in low impact construction such as mud and rock walls OR willow and poplar roofs, garbage segregation and a careful use of fuel, are some of the green practices we have implemented.

Our attempt is to keep our carbon footprint to a bare minimum, while building our business on strictly sustainable principles.

A list of what we do to minimize our impact on the environment:

Solar panels and battery bank that generate 95% of our energy.

Construction basis solar passive architecture.

LED lighting for cottages.

15 acres of grazing land.

Minimal use of plastic.

No plastic containers for our organic soaps, shampoo and moisturizers.

Solar geysers for hot water.

Mud, willow, stone, and poplar used as the primary building materials.

Use of solar lamps for landscape lighting where needed.

Flood irrigation system to water all 20 acres of our property.

Garbage segregation and recycling of almost all waste.

Buying local and growing our own vegetables and herbs organically.