Choose a pace that matches your inner self. If activity is your métier, we can arrange walks, picnics and excursions to any of the numerous sites that make this part of the world so enthralling. Day trips are made easy with the help of our travel desk – leave early morning and return in the evening to the tranquility and comfort of Lchang Nang Retreat. Just let us know and all will be done to make your days buzz.

Cycle through the Valley

One of the charms of Lchang Nang is that you get to do all the things that you would never get to doing in the everyday. One of them is to grab a cycle and pedal your way past orchards and fields to the nearby riverside or to the village. Let your legs be the fuel as you pump up the pace and feel the wind in your hair.”

Walk by a River

Rendezvous with the Siachen river as it flows past Lchang Nang’s western boundary. Grab a picnic hamper from our café for company as you explore this gentle river that springs forth from the Siachen glacier. Become a nature sprite from dawn to dusk, as you roam the valley, uncovering wooded nooks and hidden retreats of green. Feel the mystery of this ancient land, cloaked by the veil of time.

Visit Monasteries

The ancient Samstanling monastery nearby is an important Buddhist shrine. Catch a breathtaking view of the valley from the top of the shrine. Located ahead is the Diskit Monastery Gumpa, the oldest and the largest Buddhist monastery in Nubra. Its precincts host the popular Dosmoche festival – “Festival of the Scapegoat”, held in February.

Discover a Village

Lchang Nang Retreat touches Tegar (Kyagar) Village. With strong historical and cultural links with Tibet and Central Asia, it houses charming back lanes and lovely field panoramas. It is also home to the Zimskhang Palace, above the rubble of Nubra’s royal citadel, and the Zimskhang Museum.

Follow the Silk Route

Nubra Valley spreads along the old Silk Route connecting Ladakh to Central Asia. Traders and their caravans used to ply this route, traveling from Ladakh to large trading centers in current China like Yarkand. Tegar village, where Lchang Nang Retreat is located, was an important stopover on the Silk Route. Revisit some of the old haunts. While here, head towards Sumur for its sand dunes and Bactrian camel rides.

Ride a Camel

The Bactrian camels are a distinctive feature and a major attraction of the Hunder and Sumur sand dunes. These double humped camels were the main mode of transport during the golden days of the Silk Route. Go back in time and become a silk merchant as you enjoy an exciting ride on top of these unique animals.

Go Birding

Nubra is home to a diverse population of birds, some exotic and some everyday ones. The colorful catalog includes Rock Pigeon, Hill Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Common Blackbird, Black-billed Magpie, Sparrow, Mynas, Robin Accentor, Brown Accentor, Desert Whitear Wheatear, Common Hoopoe, Black Redstart (male and female), Red-fronted Serin or Fire-fronted Serin, and Golden Eagles. Brown-headed gulls, Common Mergansers and the Great crested Grebe have been spotted near Pangong lake.

Take a Heritage Walk

Explore the Maney Ringmo – a 300 year old stone wall which runs along the eastern perimeter of Lchang Nang Retreat. Go on a leisurely walk to Zanskhang Palace, and continue onwards to the remains of Nubra’s formal royal citadel. Then, track back to the historic house of Zimskang. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there’s always a trek that can be arranged to the Samstanling Gompa.

Laze under the Trees

Lchang Nang is an idyllic retreat where rest and relaxation are very much on the menu. Doing nothing can be an enchanting way to spend your time here. The orchards and the riverside provide a soothing backdrop to leisurely days filled with aimless wandering and restful siestas. Choose to read, relax and be indulged by our welcoming and friendly staff. Recover from urbania, unwind.

Picnic in Meadows

Each day here is perfect for a picnic. Revel in the open. Make a much-needed getaway to a wooded copse, the riverside or pick a tree to bask under. A delicious basket of treats from our kitchen will keep you going. Feel like the free spirit that you really are.