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Choose a pace that matches your inner self. If activity is your métier, we can arrange walks, picnics and excursions to any of the numerous sites that make this part of the world so enthralling. Day trips are made easy with the help of our travel desk – leave early morning and return in the evening to the tranquility and comfort of Lchang Nang Retreat. Just let us know and all will be done to make your days buzz.

Ensa Gompa

things to do in nubra valley
place to visit in nubra valley

Samstanling Monastery

Disket Monastery

sightseeing in nubra valley

Hunder Sand Dunes

Sumoor Sand Dunes

lchang nang (1)

Trisha Lake aka Lohan Tso

Murgi Village


Panamik Hot Springs

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