Lchang Nang is a destination created for travellers in search of peace and tranquility. Combining comfort and simplicity, it pays homage to its local heritage via its links to the local community and the local culture. Our library, still at a budding stage, offers a unique collection of archives on the local fauna, wildlife, Buddhist culture and Silk Route history.

Owned by the illustrious Kalon family of Nubra and built on the family’s grazing lands on the banks of the Siachen, Lchang Nang aims to play a role in reducing Ladakh’s carbon footprint. The retreat is fully solar powered and plastic containers are kept to a minimum. In the coming years Lchang Nang plans to grow and source most of its operational needs locally.

Lchang Nang was conceived with the help of hospitality consultant Pio Coffrant. Pio’s brand The Rose is behind successful projects such as The Rose, Colaba House, Rajakkad Estate and La Bodega. He has brought his touch and expertise to Lchang Nang’s interiors and operational set up.

The House Of Trees is run and managed by a team that believes in the ethos of eco-living and sustainable development.